Glazed Builder Gels & BIAB Gels

Brand New Glazed Builder Gel!


  • LED & UV dual curing high viscosity hard gel, which has been formulated to give the nail technician complete control during application as this medium to thick gel will also level on its own so the perfect finish and desired shape can be created at the technician’s preferred speed
  • Extremely strong with excellent bonding properties like acrylic, so no chipping or lifting, but without any odour or yellowing and with the flexibility and high gloss finish of a gel
  • Ideal for acrylic technicians who would like to expand their services and add gel to their repertoire as the application technique and viscosity is so similar
  • Suitable for sculpting and building with nail forms or over tips and compatible with gel polish
  • Fast-curing time with no heat reaction: 60 seconds under LED and 2 minutes under UV
  • Gel will need to be filed off and is acetone resistant